Acoustic Guitar User Reviews Takamine F-340

Features : No Opinion
Takamine F340 Acoustic, SN: #8606xxxx, over 20 yrs old, with the elegant tapered headstock, even better than the “Martin lawsuit” style, with large (3″) golden mother of pearl scripted Takamine logo. Grover tuners, mahogany body top apparently laminated spruce with a gorgeous aged look. Year of mfr unknown. No electronics.

Sound : No Opinion
I was honestly scouring pawnshops for a Martin. That is the only thing I wanted. Then I picked up this one and DAMN! It sounded every bit as good as anything I’d ever picked up. $200 later we were married. This guitar can be played mellow or bright and snappy near the bridge. I have not one complaint about it.

Action, Fit, & Finish : No Opinion
The action is perfect and I have never had it touched by any tech in 20 yrs. The top has aged to a honeyed tone. I have read some people saying this is a solid spruce top but I believe it is not solid. It is laminated.

Reliability/Durability : 10
I have darn near beat the snot out of this thing. It was a cheap pawn shop queen and didn’t have a case, and I didn’t care. I knew if I put it away, I wouldn’t learn to play; so I left it out in the living room through two kids. Sometimes they would hit it with their toys, roll a toy truck right into it, dent it, etc. I have banged it against walls, chairs, the inside of my car, and everything else in my house. It accidentally fell down and slammed onto a tile floor once at someone’s house, and not a bit of damage. There are scars and scratches all over the front and the headstock. I have song chords taped to the top of it too. This guitar has been played. A LOT.

Customer Support : No Opinion
I really didn’t get a warranty and have never needed anything from the company.

Overall Rating : 10
I also own a Gibson Les Paul goldtop, a Gibson SG, a Fender USA Stratocaster, Fender USA Telecaster, an Epiphone bass, a Takamine F-385 12-strong (1979 model that I bought earlier this year) It matches this one perfectly except has the Martin-style headstock.

I love this guitar, and don’t think some of the new Takamines look nearly as nice. I’d stay away from their cheap new stuff with the painted logos. I wish the F-340 had a solid spruce top, since those are supposed to be great, but this one does sound great. Maybe the laminated spruce is more stable? I like this one so much that when I found a Takamine 12-string for sale on Craigslist earlier this year I went and checked it out. That was absolutely great, too. The action is so low I now play that more than my F340. I like the 12 best for chords, and the 6-string for picking.


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